Presenter Resources

To help everyone get the most out of the Open Apereo 2013 conference, we are asking all the presenters to engage with other attendees via Lanyrd. Please do the following:

Claim Your Lanyrd Speaker Profile

Go find your speaker profile in our Lanyrd event and claim it, if you don’t already have an account there. The list of speakers is here:

Many of these are already linked to Twitter or LinkedIn profiles, so you will want to connect those to Lanyrd to claim your profile.

You can also create a local account on Lanyrd and then connect to Twitter and/or LinkedIn afterwards. Connecting to both is helpful for finding people you know at the conference, and helping them find you!

Review Your Lanyrd Session Information

Review your sessions and make sure the are current and correct.

Go ahead and make any updates that are needed, add other speakers, add some topic tags, etc.

Upload Your Materials and Link them to Lanyrd

As soon as your presentation slides are ready (which we know might not be until the day of your session...), post them publicly and link them into the Lanyrd session.

We suggest you upload your slides to SpeakerDeck:

SpeakerDeck is simple and clean, but you can also use Slideshare if you prefer it.

Grab the link to your uploaded deck, and go back to the Lanyrd page for your session and paste the link into the “Add coverage to this session” box.

You can also provide links to other materials related to your sessions: handouts, photos, videos, etc.

YouTube Live Stream and Recording of Sessions

We are planning to live-stream all sessions as a Google+ Hangout-On-Air that will be available on the Apereo YouTube channel ( both live and recorded. Please help us make sure that we add the link of that recording to your Lanyrd sessions after they are over.

Also, if you would like to join the Google+ Hangout for your session and share your desktop, that will add value to the stream and the recording. Please coordinate with the facilitator at your session to join the Hangout if you are interested in doing this.

Other Presenter Resources

There is a PowerPoint slide template and some conference logos available for download at the bottom of this page. Please feel free to use these for your presentations.

Webinar About Preparing Presentations

Title: Preparing Your Presentation (archived webinar)

Presenter: Beth McCullough, Learning Spaces Strategist, Stanford University

Webinar Recording:


This is an informal webinar that is intended to provide participants with some practical and relatively easy ways to improve their presentation content and delivery method. It will cover the following: